SMALL TOWNS BIG IDEAS’ GALWAY 2020 PROJECT Exciting news, the proposal submitted under Kinvara Community Council called ‘Pier to Peer’ focusing on our 4 local piers: Kinvara, Parkmore, Crushoa and Ceibh a’ Lochain (New Town Lynch), (and possibly Tarrea Pier) has been chosen to be part of the Galway 2020 Capital of Culture ‘Small Towns Big Ideas’ project.

Several events, each linked with Galway 2020, who will help plan and promote the events and possibly link Kinvara with people who could bring a national or international element to our events, are planned. Suggestions made by various community groups at the initial meeting have great potential to fit with the broader themes. A meeting is being held on Tuesday February 18th at 8pm at the community centre to develop further and give you the opportunity to find out more and share your ideas and get the ball rolling! ALL WELCOME