The Cresswell Archive

Robert CresswellAnthropologist donates 1950s original work to Kinvara and the nation

In April 2010, Robert Cresswell (88), the anthropologist who completed a major study in Kinvara, Co Galway in the mid-1950s, donated his archive of black and white photographs (450+), Kodachrome slides (89), 16mm film footage, documents and notes etc. to the nation.

Cresswell waived his copyright to this unique work in favour of all persons who wish to use any of the photos etc. for educational or heritage purposes. Any use of these pictures for commercial gain is prohibited without prior permission. Copyright rests with Kinvara Community Council.

The Cresswell collection of pictures is displayed in galleries on this website. It is divided into 3 main groups (linked from the images below), which in turn are sub-divided into galleries on various subjects/topics. Click on one of the group images below, or navigate from the Menu to explore the complete collection of photographs.