KAVA Kinvara Presents

“Circus Hieronymus Bosch This impressive and finely crafted film “Circus Hieronymus Bosch” brings together the music of Flairck (formed by Erik Visser) and the acrobatics theatre group ‘Corpus’.

Thursday, February 1st at 8 p.m. in The Courthouse, Kinvara. Doors open 7.45 p.m. A REAL TREAT NOT TO BE MISSED!

Based on the paintings of the Dutch mediaeval painter Hieronymus Bosch images of works by Bosch are beautifully featured throughout and are brought alive by the dancers. Bosch is best known for his paintings depicting his visions of hell and the torture of the human soul. It was said that “the difference between the work of this painter and that of others is that they paint people as they appear on the outside, Hieronymus Bosch has the courage to paint the inside of mankind”. 

Musician Erik Visser lives in Holland but is no stranger to Galway having co-written, arranged and produced the 1985 debut album ‘Tired and Emotional’ for singer Mary Coughlan, which went platinum in 1986. Visser’s collaboration with Mary Coughlan resulted in 8 albums: Visser has been involved with the recording of more than 50 albums and has performed all over the world. Corpus Acrobatics is an international acrobatic theatre company based in the Netherlands. They have been staging spectacular acrobatic shows all over the world for more than twenty years at prestigious festivals and theatres worldwide. Corpus works with an international team of top acrobats, choreographers and creative directors. Their circus and acrobatic acts stand out because of their great visual impact, expression, sensational acrobatics, choreography, unique elegance and personal style. 


 A production by FLAIRCK and CORPUS 2