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Burren Biz Business Network hosts Jackie Queally, who has founded Biofield Tuning Ireland as one of only two Biofield Tuning practitioners in Ireland. This is a new and powerful method for restoring health and promoting change. Biofield Tuning’s originator Eileen McCusick is an award-winning writer and researcher into how sound waves affect the human body. Jackie will present a talk on

“The Health Benefits of Sound Waves” on the 14th March 2018 in Kinvara Enterprise Centre at 7p.m.

  • Feeling blocked in getting new ideas for your business?
  • Overwhelmed with the amount of work and don’t know where to start?
  • Wishing you had more energy to juggle everything?

Biofield Tuning helps restore excellent health and promotes positive change in your life.

Learn how it works, and why Biofield Tuning can really help effectively in removing obstacles to running a smooth and successful business. It also helps remove body pains, depression, stress, insomnia and many psychological and physical ailments.

Aside from conducting distant and live sessions in biofield tuning Jackie since 1999 has been a “slow tour” guide and an author of many books including some on the subtle energies of nature. She is interested in helping people reconnect to nature as well as themselves.

Reserve your seat for this free and innovative talk here:

Eventbrite tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-health-benefits-of-sound-waves-tickets-44569245814

FB: @biofieldtuningireland


Jackie: 0834117498