KAVA (Kinvara Area Visual Arts)

KAVA (Kinvara Area Visual Arts) are delighted to present ‘Photographs and Faeries’, an exhibition by Regina O’Dea at The Courthouse in Kinvara.

Regina O’Dea is a local artist and a Burren native. Her creative training is in crafts and interior design and she has experience in many areas from model making to community arts.

In this exhibition she has produced a set of cyanotypes that are a record of personal memories. The images of details such as súgan chairs and ‘Sacred Heart’ pictures  provide a snapshot of an Ireland that many of us remember from our childhood.

The exhibition includes a group of faery figures, whimsical “beings” fashioned from wire, clay, paint, fabric and found objects, each with its own particular qualities.

Opens at 8pm on Thursday, May 10th. All are welcome. The exhibition will be open daily  11am-6pm from May 11th-20th, 2018.

In the meantime, the KAVA members exhibition, ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’, featuring the work of 38 local artists, and including painting, sculpture and ceramics continues in The Courthouse until Sunday 6 May.