Kinvara Alive Group

One of the main aims of the Kinvara Alive group is to facilitate training and raise awareness about mental health challenges in our community. We hope to enable at least one person per household to avail of either Safe talk training or Asist training over the coming years. We are currently looking for people to express interest in Safe Talk training.

This is a free three hour training suitable for anyone over 18 year that is hosted on a weekday from 7 pm to 10 pm. We hope to host a session in the coming weeks in Kinvara if we have sufficient numbers. Please contact Orla @086 8414987 if you are interested in this training or wish to ask any questions.                      The Kinvara Alive committee would like to welcome everyone to the unveiling of our Tree of Hope plaque on May 26th on the grounds of St. Joseph’s Church, Kinvara following 7pm Mass. The Tree of Hope strives to provide a place of comfort where survivors can memorialize their loved ones lost to suicide or living with depression. It is a symbol of hope to families who have been affected by suicide. It is a landmark they can visit to grieve and remember the loved ones they have lost.