Kinvara Foróige Transition Year Group – Kinvara Keep Cup

The Kinvara Foróige Transition Year group, as part of their Foróige Leadership for Life programme, have been involved in a campaign to reduce the number of disposable coffee cups used in Kinvara.  As part of this initiative, they have designed a logo featuring Dunguaire Castle and a slogan “Enjoy your coffee and tea while saving the sea”. 

They then produced a beautiful marine themed Kinvara Keep Cup which went on sale at the Kinvara Farmers Market in conjuction with Kinvara Plastic Free Challenge.  After selling out within an hour of the launch, the Kinvara Keep Cup will be back in stock at the Kinvara Farmers Market from next week and also available in some local shops.  Initial funding for this project came the former Kinvara Youth Cáfe which subsidized the initial retail price of the Kinvara Keep Cup.  Additionally, the group recently presented this project at the Foróige Aldi Citizenship Awards in Dublin. Well done to this Kinvara Foróige Transition Year group of young people!

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