This project aims to encourage a group of 10 local teenagers to begin to look at what feature of their immediate landscape/environment appeals to them and also provide them with the knowledge of how best to use their mobile phone to produce a first class photograph. These workshops will be carried out by KAVA member and professional photographer Markus Voetter – Markus Voetter Photography www.markusvoetter.comThere is no cost for taking part.. 10 KAVA artists will each choose a completed photograph and complete a work based on the image. The final framed photographs produced by the group will be hung next to its painted counterpart in an exhibition in the Kinvara Courthouse. The workshops will be held in the Courthouse during the summer. The framed photograph can be sold or kept by the person who takes the photograph. This is a Kinvara Area Visual Arts Project in conjunction with the Galway 2020 ‘Small Towns Big Ideas’. If you are interested or need more information please contact Pam Fleming 087 2803303 or email