‘Nature’s Secret Treasure Trove’

‘Nature’s Secret Treasure Trove’
with an Education Guide from the National Parks and Wildlife Service
Sunday 2nd September, 2018
@2pm in a South East Burren location
Covering an area of approximately one thousand acres on the south-eastern edge of the Burren, the setting for our September members’ walk has been described as a hidden gem with all the attributes of the perfect Nature Reserve! These include rivers, lakes, turloughs and callows (meadows that flood during winter), limestone pavement, fen peat, reed and rush beds and vast areas of species-rich woodland. Our NPWS Education Guide will lead an informative walk through a varied range of habitats for a huge variety of flora and fauna species, including the elusive pine marten. The reserve is also of historical and archaeological interest, with a 17th century O’Brien castle, the sites of a castle and a church, two ring forts, a lime kiln, a children’s burial ground and a chapel.
Suitable footwear, such as walking boots, is essential, and also appropriate clothing for the weather. No dogs allowed. While the focus of the walk will be on information sharing rather than covering large distances, a reasonable level of fitness is required. Start location will be sent to Burrenbeo Trust members in advance. Sign up for membership at www.burrenbeo.com. For more information please email annalisa@burrenbeo.com or phone 091 638096