Kinvara Community Council Meeting

The Kinvara Community Council’s next monthly meeting is on this Wednesday 16th January at 8pm in the community centre. Please find below the agenda set for this meeting.
We encourage all members of the community to attend these monthly meetings.
All sub groups who are affiliated to Kinvara Community Council must send a representative to every KCC meeting in order to maintain their benefits.
1. Minutes of last meeting
2. Apologies
3. Matters arising
4. Plan for memorial garden.
5. Cuckoo Fun Run re-vamp.
6. Town Twinning visit to Kinvara.
7. Parking Problems in Village
8. St. Patrick’s Day Parade
9. Kinvara Alive Free Family Fun Run
10. Blue Monday coffee morning.
11. Mural in Community Centre
12. Date of next meeting