Galway 2020 Livefeed looking for young musicians!!

Livefeed: Consultation Date: Saturday, May 11th Time: 11am – 2pm Venue: Kinvara Community Centre. Livefeed is a Galway 2020 project for young people (aged 13 – 18) interested in music performance, production and promotion. We want to talk to young people from the Kinvara area about putting on a live music event in June. If you are interested in song writing, performing, recording, sound engineering, audio/ video production, photography, social media, journalism or anything to do with the music industry we would love to hear from you! Livefeed will be hosting a consultation about this and other opportunities for young people interested in music in the Kinvara Community Centre from 11am – 2pm on Saturday, May 11th. Snacks and refreshments will be provided. Contact to book your place and get involved! Please contact to discuss any access or participation issues.