Kinvara Alive

Kinvara Alive -“How you doin’ Kinvara?” Project

The idea for doing this project, which captures how we are getting on during the Covid-19 pandemic, came from the  notion that ‘when we’re finding it tough, it’s good to know we’re not in this alone and can learn from each other’.  So, we are checking in to ask the question 

“How you doin’ Kinvara?”

The Covid-19 lockdown is tough on all of us, some more than others and we want our people to know that ‘yes’ we are all of us, young and old, in family and alone, in the same storm, differently, and that there are many ways of navigating through and thriving when the storm subsides. This is where you come in. We are inviting you to share with your community, your experiences and your resilience to both help, support and encourage our community to keep going and look forward. Within our videos so far, we’ve noticed good humour, playfulness, sadness, frustration, also peace, sense of fun, anger and of course a strong touch of being ‘Kinvara real’, even joyfulness and appreciation…….

Our videos follow a line of thinking as follows…

  • Tough times – acknowledge them
  • Doing things differently – how
  • Things I do for myself to stay steady and centred
  • Take-aways and learning…..

If you are interested in taking part,

  • To prompt thinking and get the juices flowing we give you a list of questions to choose from under the four headings.  Don’t worry; you only need one question from each heading.
    • If you have some great questions that you’d like to be asked, even better happy to work with that.
  • We allow 20 minutes per person/family group/couple for the video recording. During that time you will be asked the four questions that you have chosen and the answers recorded.  If you’d like to bring notes to prompt you – good idea.
  • As it is video, the set-up is that you will stand about 3 metres from the camera with a microphone close at hand. We will be asking the questions that you have chosen and we will record you. It’s all very informal, so no pressure, kinda like an easy interview…
  • From a Covid-19 safe practice perspective, there will be no need for you to touch anything and we are clear on the physical distancing boundaries. 
    • You will enter the Courthouse building through the left hand door (as you look at it) and exit through the right hand door.  No need for you to meet the people before or after you in the building.
  • At your allocated time we will open the door and call you in, please don’t knock as there will be live recording inside!!!

Go on, go on, go on…..  we’d love to have you involved and what a great way to reach out and support our community by being real and sharing the ways in which we get through challenging times, the laughs, the chats, the exercise, the tears, the frustrations, the joys and sorrows, the appreciation, the pranks, the fun. To get involved, contact Caitriona by text or email with your name and email address and we’ll include you in the loop and set a time to get you in and record you for prosperity.  Looking forward to meeting you over the next few weeks

Ph:  +353 (0)86 840 8980 Email: