Kinvara Community Centre

The Kinvara Community Centre is still currently closed at present under the Government Covid-19 restrictions however, we are still providing support to the Community and are looking forward as to when and how we can re-open the community centre adhering to the HSE and Government Guidelines.

We are contactable as follows:

Telephone/text:            083 152 8560 (Mon-Fri, 9am – 12 noon)



Cruinniú na mBád 2020

Cruinniú na mBád 2020: In the interest of public health and safety, the Committee of Cruinniú na mBád have decided that sadly this year’s Regatta/ Festival will not go ahead as planned. In light of the present circumstance regarding Covid-19, due to the uncertainty regarding where we might be at in mid-August, the Committee have determined  it would be irresponsible to bring large crowds to the village risking resurgence or spread of the virus, despite sailing being considered low risk. 2020 was to be our 41st Cruinniú na mBád and we want to thank all those who have supported us since our first Cruinniú in 1979, especially the Boat owners, crews and sponsors for their loyalty to the Festival. We look forward to Cruinniú 2021 Michael Brogan Chairman

Kinvara Area Visual Arts

KAVA: are currently showing ‘Fragility’, a joint exhibition by Holly, Jim and Jody Mullarkey.  This is available on our social media platforms from 13th – 20th May, and our website will show the entire exhibition too. We also have an upcoming art show online from member, Madeleine Shinnick, entitled ‘Aposiopesis.’ The theme represents the silent, invisible but definite ties that she sees between the life cycle of the seed in the botanic world and the newness of life in the seed of being born again of Christ. This show will be online in its entirety on our website,, as well as daily spotlight posts of her artwork on our social media platforms of facebook, twitter, and instagram, from 20 May – 1 June.

Burrenbeo News

Burrenbeo Trust 27th May: The Burren in the Bronze Age – archaeological discoveries from Glencurran Cave and Moneen Cave with Marion Dowd. Register at Offerings of human bones, amber beads from the Baltic, pottery and seashells of Bronze Age date were discovered in Glencurran Cave and Moneen Cave indicating that these dark spaces were of scared significance. This talk will explore some of the possible reasons behind such rituals, at a time when the Burren was transforming into the karst landscape we know today. Dr Marion Dowd is a Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology at IT Sligo with a strong interest in the interplay between folklore and archaeology. Recordings of recent webinars (themes include farming and biodiversity in the Burren and geology in the Burren) are available on Burrenbeo’s  YouTube channel. An online celebration of Burren in Bloom between Wed 3rd June to Sat 6th June is also in the planning at the moment. Further details will be published soon on

Kinvara Alive

Kinvara Alive -“How you doin’ Kinvara?” Project

The idea for doing this project, which captures how we are getting on during the Covid-19 pandemic, came from the  notion that ‘when we’re finding it tough, it’s good to know we’re not in this alone and can learn from each other’.  So, we are checking in to ask the question 

“How you doin’ Kinvara?”

The Covid-19 lockdown is tough on all of us, some more than others and we want our people to know that ‘yes’ we are all of us, young and old, in family and alone, in the same storm, differently, and that there are many ways of navigating through and thriving when the storm subsides. This is where you come in. We are inviting you to share with your community, your experiences and your resilience to both help, support and encourage our community to keep going and look forward. Within our videos so far, we’ve noticed good humour, playfulness, sadness, frustration, also peace, sense of fun, anger and of course a strong touch of being ‘Kinvara real’, even joyfulness and appreciation…….

Our videos follow a line of thinking as follows…

  • Tough times – acknowledge them
  • Doing things differently – how
  • Things I do for myself to stay steady and centred
  • Take-aways and learning…..

If you are interested in taking part,

  • To prompt thinking and get the juices flowing we give you a list of questions to choose from under the four headings.  Don’t worry; you only need one question from each heading.
    • If you have some great questions that you’d like to be asked, even better happy to work with that.
  • We allow 20 minutes per person/family group/couple for the video recording. During that time you will be asked the four questions that you have chosen and the answers recorded.  If you’d like to bring notes to prompt you – good idea.
  • As it is video, the set-up is that you will stand about 3 metres from the camera with a microphone close at hand. We will be asking the questions that you have chosen and we will record you. It’s all very informal, so no pressure, kinda like an easy interview…
  • From a Covid-19 safe practice perspective, there will be no need for you to touch anything and we are clear on the physical distancing boundaries. 
    • You will enter the Courthouse building through the left hand door (as you look at it) and exit through the right hand door.  No need for you to meet the people before or after you in the building.
  • At your allocated time we will open the door and call you in, please don’t knock as there will be live recording inside!!!

Go on, go on, go on…..  we’d love to have you involved and what a great way to reach out and support our community by being real and sharing the ways in which we get through challenging times, the laughs, the chats, the exercise, the tears, the frustrations, the joys and sorrows, the appreciation, the pranks, the fun. To get involved, contact Caitriona by text or email with your name and email address and we’ll include you in the loop and set a time to get you in and record you for prosperity.  Looking forward to meeting you over the next few weeks

Ph:  +353 (0)86 840 8980 Email:

The Merriman Hotel

The Merriman Hotel will accommodate 37 residents of a direct provision centre during the period of Covid-19 restrictions. The residents will arrive in Kinvara this week. The government and HSE have advised that the new residents will cocoon themselves in the Hotel and grounds for 14 days from the date of their arrival. Fáilte Kinvara volunteers will be providing support and assistance to the residents during their stay. 

Kinvara GAA Club

Members are available to assist our local community during these difficult times. If you know anyone in the community who needs assistance with groceries, prescriptions, newspapers, medicine, fuel, chores etc just contact any of the numbers listed at the back page of this.

Derek Smith                087-2372698               Paddy Barry    087-9185309

Paul Donoghue           087-6231128               Garret Byrne   087-9513442

Mick O Hara               087-2562774               Elaine Fahy     087-9683344

Anne O Hara               087-2936790               John Conole    087-9811152

Caroline Burke            087-7975241               John Rodgers              086-2205212

Joe Byrne                    087-2625775               Noel Bermingham       087-7573019 

Anna Donoghue          087-6556449               Damien Mitchell         087-9181918